A Dragon ball z rpg game = Win!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Dragon Ball Kai: Saiyajin Raishuu DS
No super saiyans but that's all ok. Dragonball z attack of the saiyans is based on the most popular anime ever. If that does not sell the game for you than don't worry this game has what adventurous players want and even rpg fans. What keeps Attack of the Saiyans interesting is its battle system, which offsets the limited number of characters with a fair number of options.

A basic attack results in a flurry of powerful fists, but it's also possible to strike with mainstay attacks like the Kamehameha and the Wolf Fang Fist. You can also combine these skills into powerful attacks like the "Kamehame Fever," which you initiate by having three party members use a Kamehame when their rage meters are filled. These combinations, alongside the even more powerful Ultimate Attacks, keep the experience from getting too repetitive, even if they rarely appear in normal battles. They're mostly there to up the ante and help make boss fights feel appropriately intense, which is what upper-tier attacks should do in an RPG.
The game grpahics are beautiful it's looks at lot like the anime the water looks realstic and effects are on par with any game on the ds! in closing this game is great fans should pick it up and even non dbz fans.