Xenoverse is the best DBZ Game Ever made For a DBZ fan

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Ball: Xenoverse PC

Xenoverse is the best Dragon ball z game ever made, this dragon ball z game is the game that DBZ fans need in there collection, It ticks all the boxes that a DBZ fan would want in a DBZ Game, The New twist to the story that all DBZ fans know and love, has been tweaked in a way that makes it new and refreshing, character creation system is great u can design your own DBZ character and make a difference in the game, the story is based mainly on the DBZ Default roster but your custom character is the main focus, With a mixture of RPG elements with the trademark dimps DBZ fighting system is a work of art, The levelling is long but rewarding, the fights at times can be easy and extremely difficult, but that is part and part of why this game is so addictive, combo system is fun to learn and master, with hundreds of moves and supers skills and ultimate fishers to equip on your custom character, is a great way to truly make ur custom character unique, playing this game on the pc with an xbox one usb controller is a match made in heaven, the pc frame rate is very good and load times are very fast, Get this game if your a DBZ.