Its power level is almost 9000

User Rating: 6 | Dragon Ball: Xenoverse PS4

Dragonball xenoverse is a dragonball game with an actual original plot. This in and of itself is a breath of fresh air that is much appreciated. It is also a time travel game which throws up a few red flags right there but fortunately it pulls it off quite well. One of the new features in this game is that you actually get to make your own character. Even though the character customization isn't great it still allows for a good amount of variety among avatars. The combat is easy but still has some depth to it if you can figure out how to chain certain normal and special moves together. However the basic combo list is kinda small and combat can become repetitive at times. Luckily there is a huge list of special moves to unlock that can keep combat fresh and exciting. For example, you can use moves that are taken directly from the show like special beam cannon and the infamous Kamehameha as well as moves that are not like weekend and chain destructo disc. These different special moves keep the combat from getting too stale and keep you invested in the gameplay. On the campaign and side quest side of things there are plenty of story missions to keep you busy and when you finish with those you get to play parallel quests which are a ton of what if scenarios. These parallel quests are where you unlock different moves and z-souls(Z-souls are boosts that will activate at certain times) however each quest has a list of moves that you can unlock by beating the quest but the drop rate is completely random AND ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. So you could do the same quest 100 times trying to get one move and still not acquire it. I attempted to unlock all of the moves in the game and spent THREE HOURS replaying one five minute quest perfectly (most of the time) in order to unlock ONE STINKING MOVE. On the online side of things the drop rate gets worse because you're playing with friends. To top of the problems is that the online servers are pretty bad and it can be quite difficult to get into matches at time. Last but not least I'll talk about fan service. There is a lot of it in this game. From the story taking place throughout the timeline of the dragonball z show to all of the special moves taken directly from the show. There is even an entire hidden story arc that is based of off the bardock and Broly movies. Dragonball xeenoverse is a great game for any dragonball fan looking for a new dragon ball story. It might not be a perfect game but its power level is definitely close to 9000