Very shallow open world game

User Rating: 4 | Dragon Ball: Xenoverse XONE

A mixture of voice overs from the show plus the actual voice acting cast is enjoyable. The sound track fades in and out through out the game.

Outside the cut scenes, It's not that good looking of a game. The characters look fine but the environments look like a cut and paste job. Like putting a 3D model on a flat sheet of paper, That's how it looks. I wish they had blend them better together.

Game Play:
Very simple and basic button mashing that grows old and stale after the first couple of hours. It's so dull that it makes you want to put the game down and not play it again.

The story is an interesting twist and replay of famous events over the show's history. Difficulty fluxes annoyingly, What starts as a very easy fight quickly changes into a one sided beat down by the enemy you are facing. Game play grows stale quickly. The map is poorly made with no objective markers so you will spend quite some time running around to find where you are suppose to go. They aren't really clear with instructions or with their tutorials.

Overall: 4/10
What makes or breaks this game is the game play and sadly, It's garbage. It's so basic and boring that it's hard to stomach playing this game for more than a few minutes before having to put it down. It's what turned this promising game into a forgettable one.