This is one of my most favorite games so far!

User Rating: 8 | Dragon Ball: Xenoverse PS4

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has some of the best graphics we've seen in a Dragon Ball game (truly, graphics dont matter) and has a beautiful soundtrack with fair looking maps. I love how the characters look, I like the fighting mechanics and is a game that rarely lags (for me at least). The story is fun to play through and gives you that Dragon Ball nostalgia. Your character feels like your very own, and sometimes it feels like you made up your very own combo. This game has a lot of good things as i explained but now with things I didn't really like. I like things random or rare but not too rare, the RNG system is kinda annoying. Toki-Toki City looks bland compared to some locations in the game. There also could have been more hairstyles and more clothing options. Plus GT.....we already know how that is. Apart from the problems, I love this game, it's always fun to play and when i get frustrated it only makes me want to explore even more in the game to make my character even stronger. Thats why i give this game a 8/10,its worth that $40 - $60 to play and its highly recommended to Dragon Ball Z fans.

Bad Things

-Too random drops

-Dragon Ball GT

-Toki-Toki City is boring

-Lacking of customization

Good Things

+Soundtrack is great

+Fighting mechanics is fun

+Great graphics

+Well-done character models

+Great story that brings memories from DBZ

+Character feels like your very own

+Combos are REALLY fun to make up