It's finally here

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Ball: Xenoverse PS4
As the title suggests, the dragon ball z game we've all been waiting for his finally here. Is the game perfect? No but it' comes pretty darn close. Graphics: The character models along with the environment look stellar during the course of the fights. Toki toki city, however, can use some work. Gameplay: invites players of all styles! Whether you're a button masher or a timed button pressing combo executor, you're bound to have a good time. Players have to use stamina bars and ki wisely if they want to take the least amount of damage possible, so this game requires some thinking. I like the use of the R2 button to do super moves along with ultimate moves, and the in game transformations are a plus. Story: the story is very refreshing and will actually take you some time to beat. You can also run Parallel quests which are side missions to add to the fun. The game is overall very well done. The cons you ask? The MMO play style of the story starts off a little annoying, but gets better along the way. There's no menu that lets you choose what you want to do. Instead you have to find the station in the hub story mode world (toki toki city). Missing movie characters No practice mode (from what I've seen thus far)