Join the PS4 Xenoverse 2 cooperative community!

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Didn't realize gamespot and gamefaqs forums weren't one and the same anymore (yeah, been away for years lol).

Anywho, this is to spread the word of the PS4 Xenoverse 2 co-operative community. Here is where players can gather to share general help tips from the game, build ideas, pics of their characters, and of course, get groups of buddies together to tackle PQs and expert mode six player missions.

It's a tight knit community and thus is monitored. Folks who can't get along with each other will get the boot, while the rest of us engage in merryment and enjoy jolly cooperation as we get the ball rolling as soon as the closed beta. Hope to see you there!

You can join the community 3 ways:

1) search for the community name, "Dragonball Xenoverse 2 PVE Co-Op Players"

2) search for my PSN and request an invite, xxSHEPERDxx

3) Add your PSN to a reply here and i'll add you in. I'll check back daily.

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The closed beta is now avaialble to pre-load on PSN, for those that pre-ordered the digital version. The servers are expected to go live at 4am tomorrow morning.

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Hey can somebody tell me were u can report bugs about the game???