You shouln't get this game unless you love dragonball or side scrolling games.

User Rating: 4.5 | Dragon Ball GT: Transformation GBA
In my opinion, this is a poor game. The good things are that it has nice
graphics for a game boy game, mutiplayer, and nine charcters. Now here's
the bad part. It's really short. I beat it in like, 5 or 6 hours or so. Also, the
game gets boring and repetive after the first hour. The game is pretty easy.
It's not challenging until the last two levels and even then it's still pretty easy.
You can choose to play through story mode again with your choice selection
of charcters although the main reason you would do this is to get zenni
which you can use to unlock stuff. Overall I really don't think you should get
this game unless you can get it very cheap. Get legacy of goku insted of
this. Trust me, it's a whole lot better then this game. Or maybe you should
rent it if you really want it.