'Dragon Ball GT: Transformation' is a good game, but it's not special, and sometimes can be boring.

User Rating: 6.8 | Dragon Ball GT: Transformation GBA
'Dragon Ball GT: Transformation' is a good and fun game, but it's got nothing special. I'm not a big fan of Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are waaay better.
The graphics is nice, the sound is nice, the contorls are good, nothing is realy bad. but that game is a little boring, nothing is awesome, nothing is special, and nothing realy makes you love this game. the characters are all the same, same moves, same strength, same weakness. the story is nice, it's featuring the beginning od DBGT, but... i don't very like DBGT, DB and DBZ were great series, I was a very big fan of them in past.
The story of DBGT can be sometimes damn bad, i think they ruined what DB and DBZ featured in the past, and it's one of the reasons this game got nothing special.
It's a GBA game, so it's means you can't except much from graphics, but somehow, the characters are lifeless..
You can't say this game is not fun, it has colorful look, and average moves and sound. it's not a bad game (but it's very short), if you are a fan of DBGT or you are a fan of action GBA games, you would enjoy this game.