A descent Dragonball game but gets repetitive and boring quickly.

User Rating: 6.5 | Dragon Ball GT: Transformation GBA
Dragonball GT wasn’t exactly a top notch show and games that were based on GT so far were poor quality. Dragonball GT Transformation makes up for the GT series flaws and is actually a descent beat’em up game considering this is a GBA Dragonball game, however not to an extent that can boost the series population.

Story: Years have passed since Goku took Uub in as his apprentice. During the years Goku trained with Uub on Kami’s Palace in order to get stronger.
One day an old enemy, Emperor Pilaf sneaked in the Palace in order to retrieve the black star Dragonballs that was guarded by God for centuries. The black star Dragonballs are said to hold greater powers than the regular Dragonballs and there are no restrictions to any wish.
After Pilaf successfully summoned Red Shenron he was about to make his wish, however they were interrupted by Goku. They were obviously no match for Goku and their plans were spoiled. In frustration Pilaf accidentally wished that Goku were a kid again so that he could teach him a lesson. The dragon granted them the wish and Goku returned to his child form.
After Pilaf escaped Goku went to confront Dende about the matter. Dende tells Goku that he cannot simply wish himself back to normal using the regular Dragonballs. While the regular balls scatter across the Earth the Black star balls scatter across the galaxy, and further more if the balls are not retrieved and gathered back to the palace within a year the entire planet will explode.
Goku and Trunks prepare for a journey around the Galaxy to retrieve the balls, with Pan who secretly entered the ship and launched it. The 3 must retrieve back the balls within a year or the planet is doomed.

Game design: The game’s graphic are decent, nothing that can really capture your eyes.
The game story is presented in character arts and dialogue scenes.
There is the story mode where you will go through the events of Dragonball GT. You will be going to different planets, each with their own unique environments.
The game is a beat’em up game, what you will do is basically go through each zone of an area and will have to beat enemies in order to proceed; you will then eventually get to boss battles.
Along the way there are items that can heal you characters.
Other options include, multi-player and another mode that you have to unlock.

Game play: You will first play as Goku, Trunks and Pan and will later on get other characters. Each character has their own unique abilities and strength. The controls are very basic, you can walk, double tap for a quick dash, normal attacks and special attacks by making certain button combos.
However what opposes the game to its title is that you cannot transform characters to their super forms, which is odd to suggest GT Transformation for its title.
The characters are however very slow and you will find your self trying to dash your way through places, and the dashing isn’t really perfect it self either, which can make the game needlessly difficult, but you can always change difficulty settings.

Sound: The music is pretty great and you will hear some voice locals added to the game, though not actual spoken dialogues.

Dragonball GT Transformation is a pretty descent game considering it’s a Dragonball handheld game, however it isn’t really special. The game quickly gets repetitive with the zone restriction, since you cannot progress further unless you kill every enemy on the screen you will eventually start to get fed up, and since the characters move really slow it would take ages just to pass one zone.
There isn’t really much re-play value and not so much content.
Fans should probably get their hands on it if they want to keep this game for collection but otherwise I wouldn’t really recommend this game for everyone.