This one drifts a little from the family, but it still rocks!

User Rating: 9.5 | Dragon Ball GT: Transformation GBA
What do you get when you put GT Kid Goku, Pan, Trunks, Uub, SS GT Kid Goku, Piccolo, SS Vegeta, SS4 Goku, Super Baby Vegeta, And Endurance and Boss Endurance, a Robot Swarm, Two extra difficulties, control of the game speed, explosive touch, portrait gallery, sfx, music, and sprite test, a bunch of robots, aliens, possessed humans, items, and villians such as Gale and Shiela, Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy/Mutchy, Sigma Force Cannon, Ledgic, Zoonama, Luud, General Rildo, and Super Baby Vegeta (Enemy)?

You get a kick-ass game with blasts, combos, super meeles, specials, jumping, flying, multiplayer, and good other words, Dragon Ball GT: Transformation!!!!
In story mode, play as GT Kid Goku, Trunks, and Pan, on an Beat-'em-Up adventure to collect the black star dragon balls and bring them from the rest of the universe, back to Earth, to stop the planet from being destroyed!!!!! In Single Player, play Standard, where you travel between all the planets from story mode to earn points, or, like multiplayer, play endurance, boss endurance, and robot swarm, where you either survive against regular enemies, super enemies, or 100's of robots, or you don't.......
Multiplayer is just you and your friends playing together against enemies, normal or super, and many, many robots.