Whoever gives this game a rating lower than a 6.0 has issues.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dragon Ball Final Bout PS
Graphics - 6
For their time, the graphics were good. However, as time went by, they haven't aged well. The stages also look pretty dull.

Gameplay - 8
The controls are fine! I don't know why people say they're broken. However, you have to know how to do the attacks, and counterattacks in order to have the most fun with this game. If not, you'll get your *** handed to you (even on easy difficulty), so don't screw around. Also, if you're thinking that just tapping the punch & kick buttons will do combos, you're wrong. You have to do a combination with the D-Pad and then press the punch or kick button to do a combo (for example, to do a kick combo with Adult Goku, do Back, Down, Forward, then Kick). Also, a good feature of this game is the struggle battle between two super ki blasts. Tapping the triangle button fast will make you win the struggle battle. To start a struggle battle, press triangle, square and X at the same time, when it says counter, while the opponent's about to do their super ki blast. There are also two other ways of defending your self from a super ki blast. To knock the blast away, press square and circle at the same time (when it says counter). To do a ki shield so that you take 1/4 of the normal damage, press triangle and x (when it says counter).

Sound - 8
The music in this game is amazing! At times, you'll feel like you want to stop for a second and listen to the music. The music in the intro is also great (the intro itself is great). However, the voice acting is weird because before the fight you hear the fighters talking in english, but when you're fighting, you hear them talking in japanese (which explains why Goku sounds like an old lady when he says "Kamehameha!").

Fun Factor - 8
You'll have the most fun in this game, if you know what you're doing. If not, well then you'll feel like throwing away this game (which you shouldn't). So if you want to know how to do your character's moves, you might have to go to gamefaqs, and look for a move list.

Lasting Appeal - 7
Dragonball GT fans will enjoy this game the most. People unfamiliar with Dragonball GT should also enjoy this game (not for its graphics, but for it's gameplay and fun factor).