It could have been a good game, but instead, they messed it up with many problems.

User Rating: 2.3 | Dragon Ball Final Bout PS
After you pop in the game, you’ll see a pretty cool cut-scene with DBZ characters fighting, but don’t let that fool you. That’s about all the good there is in the game.
There are 17 characters that I know of. They are Goku, Pan, Little Goku (from Dragon Ball GT), Trunks, Super Vegeta (I guess it’s really Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta), Super Trunks, Super Saiyan Trunks (these Trunks characters are, sadly, mostly the same), Gohan (It’s Adult Gohan after his potential was awakened by one of the kais.), Cell (sadly, his final form. All of his other forms are absent), Kid Buu (not only is his name misspelled in the game, but all of his other forms are absent), Frieza (his final form, but not his 100% final form, and, what a surprise, all of his other forms aren’t here), Piccolo, Super Vegetto, Super Saiyan Goku, Super Goku, (these last 2 characters have mainly no difference), Super Saiyan Little Goku (from DBGT), and, finally, Super Saiyan 4 Goku (the only way to get him is to beat a very hard mode or to cheat.). There are 4 modes of play: Battle (where you just fight the computer, a friend, and unlock characters after you beat them), Tournament (where you and some friends duke it out, either using characters that you’ve built up or just normal characters), build-up mode (you make any of the characters you have stronger by making them fight DBGT and DBZ characters fight and gain experience and you may save your character also. There you may also fight a friend who also has the game. That would be very rare if they had not re-released the game), and options (where you can turn meteors, demos, gauges, (life and power ones), on or off, train (where you pick 2 fighters. 1 you control, and the other you beat up. I believe that a friend and you may play in that mode and neither will ever get a K.O.), and a difficulty setting. Easy, normal, and hard are the difficulty settings.
After you start a battle, it’s hard to move normally. You would normally just move an inch if you could not fly. Unfortunately, they messed that up too. There is a delay time when flying, which means, that when you press the L1 button and the direction you want to go, you won’t fly immediately. That’s just hard to describe.
Characters just don’t look good, the music isn’t very good (and gets annoying sometimes), backgrounds like a toddler drew them, and the US voice case didn’t do the voices. That’s just weird the way the characters sound. Plus, after your character wins or your opponent wins, when their done talking, their mouths are still moving!
Most characters have similar move combinations. For instance, down left right triangle will usually make an energy attack for most/all characters. The same can be said for kicks and punches. What could have been a cool aspect of the game is called demo or the beam struggle. After you do a kamehameha, or any other energy move, a word counter will appear and you may do 1 of 4 things, defend (still take some damage), throw back the wave in the distance (very little damage), absorb (some damage), or counter with your own beam. This is very flawed because the CPU is sometimes unbeatable at the beam struggle.
The last thing you can do to damage your opponent is the meteor smash. It looks cool and does a lot of damage, but it’s very hard to do. First, throw you opponent back with R2. While doing this you can do a kick barrage (circle and triangle and the direction your opponent is thrown at the same time), a punch barrage (square and triangle and the direction your opponent is thrown at the same time), or your beam attack (x and triangle and the direction your opponent is thrown at the same time). After you do the first attack, you may do it in another direction, but it gets harder and harder the more times you do it. That’s pretty much the whole game. It’s flawed and, I think, it could have been a success. Many people liked this game just because it was the only dragon ball game they knew about. Thus, making it ah it for some people. They dismissed all the bad things and liked it. There is a really really awesome song that you’ll hear after you beat the game. It’s some really soothing piano piece. You can listen to it right off the bat by going to sound test mode after the cut-scene that plays every time you play the game. I don’t know what the song is called, but I’ve listened to it a lot since I started writing this review. I just really liked that piano piece.
For some strange reason though, I occasionally just get an urge to play it. It’s not all bad, but it’s horribly flawed. I’m just a huge DB fan, and I guess that I just want it to be good because I liked the anime series so much. Plus, I have the original US copy that only some 10,000 copies were made from too. I’m not a hardcore DB fan, but I do like it. The game was re-released, and you can probably find it at a used game store for not much money. Don’t expect an awesome game though. With all of the awesome games nowadays, you may be just entertained for 30 minutes. Still, this used to be the ONLY DB game that I knew about, so I have to give it some credit, even if it’s not a very good game at all.