This is a counter "review" to the poor understanding of gamespot's reviewer.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt PC
Witch hunt is probably the last DLC we are going to get for Dragon age Origins. Dragon Age 2 not following the same story line, Bioware Offer us there a Glimpse of what could have been the sequel.

It is obvious that nobody that didn't have at least a 9.5 on 10 for dragon age in their heart, will be likely to appreciate this DLC enough.

Being a Dragon Age hardcore fan, Is like being a Star wars fan. Every now and then, when you have the possibility to extend your experience of the story, by getting more information, and more event about the Universe of Dragon age, you will be pleased as a fan.

Morigan being my personal favorite character from Origins, Witch Hunt was a first day purchase for me. It is sad though that it is already over, already finished, but it's what I said when I finished Origins and Awakening.

Witch hunt is for the Dragon age fan, the one that want to get everything they can from the Dragon age storyline. If you are not a dragon age fan, but only Appreciated playing the game as if it was any rpg, then don't buy it, you won't be able to catch what this DLC has to offer.

I understand that Gamespot's reviewer are objective in their review, but they should take them self in the mind of a real fan when reviewing something that is part of a franchise. At least mention a fan opinion in the review.