The most unsatisfying epic waste of time and money imaginable.

User Rating: 1 | Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt PC
I was a big fan of DA:O and I am a big fan of Bioware. I like the concept of DLC's, but have been disappointed with them due to their brevity and lack of polish. I have the two original DLC's for this game in the Stone Prisoner and Warden's Keep; however, I have not played any further DLC for DA:O. I was intrigued by Witch Hunt as the Morrigan story line was left unfinished and I loved her character. This is was my only reason to purchase this DLC.

To say this DLC is an epic waste of time and a disgrace to Bioware would be an understatement. This might not rank up there with Bioware handing off KOTOR to Obsidian (thus ruining the sequel) but it comes in a distant second. This DLC is incredibly easy and offers absolutely nothing new nor does it even approach the promise of closure as it relates to Morrigan. Without giving anything away, you don't even get to see Morrigan until the very end. Up to that point you are given a few extended areas with incredibly easy monsters to fight. In fact, I never required even one health drink. You are introduced to two new characters who have little personality and offer zero depth. The whole "experience" is over within 1 hour.

Witch Hunt is also unpolished in the QA department. There are a number of bugs although none that prevent progress. Still for such a short experience you think they could have taken 5 minutes to make it all work correctly. Just another sign that Bioware/EA did not care at all about this DLC.

I could have taken the weak fighting and bugs if the payoff with Morrigan was there. However, as mentioned there was no closure and no sense of fulfillment. This whole DLC was a total lie and a slap in face of all DA:O fans. Bioware has released some of the best games on the market, but this tarnishes their image in my eyes. Maybe this is what we get with the EA merger, but I am not going to let them off the hook that easy.

Even if you were dying to see Morrigan one last time, don't waste one minute and certainly not your $7 on this total drek. Bioware, you should be ashamed.