Weird Events Post-EndGame (MAJOR SPOILERS BEWARE)

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Hey Forums, i've experienced a sort of contradiction in my DAO playthrough,and when i got morrigan's offer i outright refused. then i played through the game and pulled off the ultimate sacrifice, then i load up the Witch Hunt and i notice 2 things a. i am alive and well, which means i somehow survived delivering the final blow. or something................... b. even though i refused morrigan's offer, she still bears my child, and she even told me that i refused her at denerim So i need to say this: WHAT THE HELL??!!! i DO NOT want to have a child with morrigan, then have it turned to an evil baby(side note: i romanced her) oh and on the side, i kept pushing Zevran off yet he still keeps on coming, and trying and trying, even though i keep telling him no and refusing the idea of being with a man I DO NOT WANT TO BE GAY FOR CHRIST'S SAKE I'M Straight And damn well proud so can anyone provide a workaround for those 2 HUGE issues for me before i move to DA2 Thanks
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Witch hunt like the other DLC separate stories imports your save data to create a new char that looks like your old char as close as possible, IE: you will not be playing from your save but from a new save based on your imported save


Witch hunt assumes she was impregnated by you or Alistair


Its unfortunate it isn't in line with your DA:O story but Witch hunt wouldn't even exist as a story if it didn't assume the above as you would be dead and she wouldn't be pregnant.