Help with the Orzammar quest...

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Hi - sorry if this question is asked a bazillion times, I'm new to gaming and could do with some advice... I bought Dragon Age: Origins for the 360 fairly recently, and (being a newbie) I zoomed through the game and ended up completely stuck when faced with the Broodmother. I was an elf rouge, and had Alistair, Zevran and Oghren in my party. I tried about 30 times and was completely slaughtered each time (playing casual mode), and I had no other save points so couldn't go back and change my party. I just gave up eventually. I've now started a new character, and have taken much more time to fully explore the game. I'm an elf mage (which I've found much more fun), and my party consists of Alistair, Leliana and Wynne. I've completed all the main quests so far, and the only one left is Orzammar before going on to the Landsmeet. The party I've got has been great so far, but how does it sound for battling the Broodmother? The last thing I want is to end up stuck again - although this time I won't make the same mistakes, and I'll make lots of different save points if I do need to go back. Any advice would be great. I'm still playing on casual mode and the party is around level 12-13 each. Thank you!
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Ahh! Never mind - did it on second try :) definitely picked a better team this time. Whoop!!
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Blizzard is a very good skill for broodmother.... I could kill it with Morrigan's blizzard..
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The broodmother is tough, fighters alone won't beat her you need spell casters. Wynn is good because she can rerive your chacters.