Best class/race for DA:O Xbox360

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I played and beat the game from 2-3 years ago--however in an argument that I had with my older sister on the Xbox 360 (she claimed the system was hers) In a rage, I deleted that saved account. My goal is to redo the first and 2nd DA (on a new XBOX360). I usually play on the easiest mode, because I am a considerably inexperienced gamer. Due to school, I don't play a lot. This may help guage my video game skill level. I wanted to hear recommendations for the best beginner race/class with a recommended build for that class. I initially played a human/warrior with 2 wield sword. I focused primarily on DEX and a bit on STR (I had actually made the character looked like Mulan and the dog was Mushu). I would consider playing either a archer/rogue or mage, but I worry about the Circle of Magi quest. I find that one especially hard when being forced to fight by yourself. Or would your recommendations be to remain as a warrior with another type of build? What are your thoughts? Thank you
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Two hand warrior is up close and personal, Mage or Archer is obviously fighting from range.

Range type chars will have a harder time when on their own (Although they work real well if you have a nice tank set up to work along side and generate lots of 'threat')

Mage also tends to end up with a lot of 'pausing' if you use AOE spells as you need to set their point of impact.

I've played through with Mage and Rogue duel
I found 'circle of magi' easier with the rogue due to being able to cope better up close. Honstly though, I really didn't like the Fade at all and I'm not looking forward to that part this time as I do another Mage playthrough.

Maybe you should try a Rogue duel? You get the up close style of your two hand but also some other interesting skills and the action will seem a lot faster as duel is faster hitting than two hand (damage per hit is less obviously)

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i either go for a ranged archer or mage. I find those have the best DPS