Dragon Age: Inquisition - superb

User Rating: 9 | Dragon Age: Inquisition PS4

I absoluteley love this game. The chracters are realistic, i especially like the banter between my party. Some of the conversations they have are hilarious..! As i explore this massive open world game discovering new areas, secrets treasure and enemies i was amazed how complex and emmersive the scenery was. It is beautiful.

The dialogue between NPC's and your character is not too long so you don't get bogged down with decision making. The cut scenes are few and far between which i am eternally greatful for as personally i find them annoying if you are sat there wanting to play instead your sat watching what feels like a tv episode (sorry no offence to people who like this).

This game is easy on the eye and very enjoyable. There are a few quirks that can be a bit frustrating but without spoiling the game for those who have not played i will not go into detail.