Dragon age Origins was the best. None of its sequels have managed to even come close.

User Rating: 1 | Dragon Age: Inquisition (Inquisitor's Edition) PC

This game is SO BORING.

The quests all have a similar feel.

Is this supposed to be an RPG? Feels like adventure game to me.

There is literally ZERO difference between the companions. They all have same skills. There are no special skill sets - No use of strategy - Nothing! ZERO gameplay!

This game is basically dragon age 2 with a few features added on.

The "Inquisitor" is a SH*T character with no personality or background story.

I played this game for like 5 hours - I really, really wanted this game to be the successor to Dragon age: Origins - But its the successor to the shit game called "Dragon age 2!"

Uninstalled it within a day.

Don't buy this. I have purchased over 100 games on my steam account. Thank god this game is not on steam.

I will never play or buy another BIOWARE game ever again. Go SU*K EA's C*ck.