I really wanted to have loved this game, but in the end I found it very forgetful.

User Rating: 7 | Dragon Age: Inquisition PS4

Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the games that most disappointed me in life, I was very excited to play it, even more for him the Game of the Year 2014, winning games like Dark Souls II and Middle-Earth (not to mention Mario Kart 8), but when I played the game it was only good, far below what I expected, I wanted something as excellent or even a masterpiece, but it's just good, but this is learning not to have Hype to Games (something that I'm having for the new God of War that comes out at the beginning of 2018), obviously it's just opinion, the game was acclaimed by the public and criticizes, but it did not excite me at all, I found it tiring, the side -quest are very boring and repetitive, not to mention that they are '' obliged '' for you to zero the game, because if you do not play the Side-quest your character does not evolve and it's difficult, I also did not like the combat, where You have to hold the button, I did not play the previous Dragon Age, so I did not know the combo I thought it was something like Dark Souls and The Witcher, where you look at the enemies and hoped it would attack, then you either defend or deflect and then attack, in Dragon Age you have to unlock a Skill, the same thing as Defending and this is annoying, a cool thing is that they are 3 companions and you can control them and do tactics, but even so I prefer the combat games like The Witcher, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Skyrim, games that have more fluidity in the fight In my opinion, a good point is your map, there are several regions to explore, and they are very different from each, you do not go to a map with the impression that you have already been there, you have deserted maps, full of snow and The forest, but even so are different since some are more mountain and other more flat, and has its own enemies, as for example the Fenix ‚Äč‚Äčthat is in the places of Desert, the soundtrack is good, the history of the game is good too , Has several choices in the dialogues, which can Some characters, such as Cassandra, Leliana, Vivianne, Sera, Solas, and many other characters, such as Cassandra, Etc, the graphics are beautiful, and the villain of the game is intimidating, but not an unforgettable villain, and the final battle of the game is very good, and of course have to speak of the most striking of the game, the Dragons. There are several in the game and when you kill they do not come back, and there is a region that if I do not mistake I got 3, the battle is very good, I admit that when I found the first villain in the Map Distant earths shuddered, Dragon Age Inquisiton is a good game, but unfortunately at no time did it leave me interested in your universe, and I expected an incredible game, In the end it was just fine. Note 74