A blind behemoth

User Rating: 7 | Dragon Age: Inquisition (Deluxe Edition) PC

DA Inquisition is a behemoth, true, but a blind one who simply push the player on his path of inescapable destruction. There is none of the wonder or epic I felt while playing DA Origin. The sad fact is, this game have superior values in almost everything - graphic, world design, gear, soundtrack and abilities. It`s one failure is the choice to make enemies damage sponges and destroy all fun I thought I will have along the way, before buying the game. I become a laborer, teeth gritting to go through the game and the DLC, feeling increasingly bored and not at all challenged by the creatures who could have, like a dragon I know, around 40.000 HP, but not an ounce of interesting design. I`m not a big fan of crafting and scouring the land for materials, but I did see some marvelous locations who made the trips bearable. I suggest, next time, to implement a feature that let me hire a team who`s going to search the wilderness for me. In the end, I didn`t feel like a savior because, for whatever reason, the main villain was more a self deluded fool with to much introspection. Bring back the strong, tough and pragmatic enemies that make me look good for saving the world!