Worst game of the series

User Rating: 4 | Dragon Age: Inquisition XONE

The voice acting is not even close to being on par to previous games. The sound track is good but not great.

Very bland and basic environments. Plenty of annoying bugs and glitches too, Some of which can freeze the game.

Game play:
The game play is dumb down a lot to make it more accessible to casual players, Needless to say that it doesn't work out well. There's no real thinking involved, Just spam attacks until the enemy is dead. It doesn't take long for it to become a tedious mess.

The story is very generic and weak. There are very few side missions and no replay value. Annoyingly, The game is frustratingly difficult when you first start playing so you will have to grind out several levels in order to advance even a little bit in the campaign early on. No value in exploring the land. The crafting system is confusing and pointless, I played the game for more than 40 hours and never had to craft a single thing. Difficulty curves often. Boss battles are not that challenging. Companions lack the quality back story that previous games had, Also most of them aren't worth using in combat.

Overall: 4/10
I didn't absolutely hate playing it but it's truly a shell of what this series use to be. It use to be the series you look to for quality story telling and now, It's just garbage.