The SKYRIMification of dragon age.

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Why are so-called BioWare fans so happy about this game is beyond me. Bioware in my opinion is known for epic and emotional storyline and not for number of hours you put in the game. I played for 70 hours and the story is so boring that it does not even feel like Bioware product.

The whole game is a fetch quest and nothing else.Even gaining a specialisation is a fetch quest. I did not even spent my specialisation points because i have to go kill 3 champions in exalted plains to gain specialization of champion and plus i have to find them one by one. I mean what the hell.

Mass effect 3 was bashed by non effective choices. Now here is a game where you make some grand choices and they do not mean anything in the game.

In terms of epicness even though i played 70 hours i did not remember even a single event in the game while even after 7 years i vividly remember the death of duncan, the final march to denerim and orzammar.

Sadly i think the only thing that a game must do now adays to get high rating is just go open world. Every critic and journalist will give high rating even if the character dont make sense and the story is just plain stupid. I just hope that witcher will make justice to its world and story.