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Post all spoilers from DA:Origins and its expansions here, along with those of DA2...

The DLC for both games were lackluster and still aren't worth buying. THe only reason to buy is for the story based content to fill in a few gaps... Other than that, Mediocre development and old school game mechanics do not warrant an entertaining experience, so lets go ahead and spoil out everything from the first two games so players can have a clear idea of what's going on in DA:3.


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I agree with zfatka, I thought dragon age origin was an amazing game and dragon age 2 wasn't that bad except for the places. It was pretty lazy that the producers reused the same dungeons over and over, but there were also some improvements, such as the battles. In origin it was stiff and slow, especially if you were a mage, they only stood in one place whereas in DA2 they animated them far more. I was however still disappointed with DA2 considering it only revolved around one city and in origin it was throughout a country. I also feel that your character had a lot more impact in origin, I mean the only thing your protagonist did in DA2 was help to start a war, not to mention that it really wouldn't have mattered what you chose to do, the effect was the same. In origin you still had the feeling that your actions had an impact in the world, even if it was only mentioned in the ending titles. Therefore I can't wait to see inquisition, as your actions will actually be for the better, or the worse if that's what you choose to do.

About the DLC, I agree that it could've been better, but I didn't hate it. At least not all of it, in origin you could get shale, who was a great character. In DA2 where you could get Sebastian, not so much. He was boring and a bit too self-righteous for my liking. Mark of the assassin and legacy for DA2 were great however, at least with DLC's such as those you can actually level your character. Not to mention I thought that the party banter was better in those DLC's than it was throughout the whole game. Also you finally got some new sceneries in the game, which as I said was a welcome change for DA2. In origin the DLC was, aside from getting shale as a party member, not that great.