My DAI Game Starts to Black Screen Then Goes Down

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I bought my game from Gamestop (Not blaming Gamestop,knowing Bioware's History) and when I downloaded to my PC through Origin, Origin grayed it out. I checked and verified the game files, repaired it, now it's not grayed out, updated my drivers, but the game went as far as 3 seconds of seeing marching in a valley then froze and poof! Back to desktop. Haven't seen anything since. That was Dec. 2.

If anyone knows anything on how I can get this going please let me know. I have a HP Pavilion with a AMD A6-5200 APU processor, with a Radeon 8400 series Graphics card updated.Ram series 8 gig, with (7.45 usable). Win8.1.1 64bit operating system w/ 64 bit processor.

Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance