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I fired up my Xbox One about half an hour ago to play some more DA but something weird happened. In the main box on my dashboard was the screen for Netflix, which I expected as my sister had been borrowing it for that purpose yesterday. I hit the settings button and quit out of it and then fired up DA:I, but when I did all I got was a frozen screen of where I last was in the game with a message stating that I was gonna be kicked back to DA's start menu due to a change in profiles. I tried to hit the B button to make it happen but, as I say, it was frozen. So I went back to the dashboard, quit out and restarted the game. Now it won't go past the initial loading screen. The loading icon in the bottom right corner will flash once and then nothing. It never goes past that loading screen. I checked the disc after quitting out the first time and it's still in perfect condition. Has this happened to anybody else and does anybody know how to fix it?