interface/equipment system should be better

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I had some problems with the combat equipment system.

Some things like why should all the unequippable items in a character's individual inventory. Should be a seperate inventory and a group inventory. Why need to show all the plate items when i'm trying to put some gear on my rogue?

Also there needs to be some kind of marker to tell a person that an item is equpped. The only way is to highlight it to reveal if it's actually on or not . There should be a little token next to the item with a color next to it or something.

Changing gear just feels unnecessarily clunky. There should also be hp sticky's and mana sticky's next to character's tooltips in combat mode that would be nice since that is the majority of what people play under. Be nice to be able to react on the go with minimal tactical switching.

Anyway, great game just not sure where to put in reviews anymore gamespot looks different than it used to do nowadays.