I should be able to run Dragon Age Inquisition, but alas...

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Greetings. Let me get to the point - I bought Dragon Age Inquisition a few days ago, and after installation I tried running the game, but the game takes 10+ minutes to launch everytime I start it. Also, while monitoring my system resources, I noticed that the game completely murders my CPU while it's loading in, and then after I am in the game, it only uses about 30% of my CPU and Memory, but then uses 100% of my Disk, according to Windows Task Manager.

I am also receiving unplayable lag, so much that I have not really played the game, I'm just trying to fix it.

Also, I am not that knowledgeable about PC Hardware and such, but I'm trying to play on a new laptop I received recently. The specs are as follows:

Dell Inspiron 3537 i7

Processor: Intel Core 4th Generation i7-4500U 1.8GHz (up to 3.0GHz)

Memory: 8GB DDR3L RAM

Graphics: 2GB AMD Radeon 8870M GDDR5

If anyone could just give me an indication to why this is happening, I would appreciate it immensely. Is it my hardware? Or is it from the game's side?