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You will be able to Add MAX Inquisition or MAXPower Points. Use this trainer to generate Unlimited Health in Partys, Unlimited Power in Party, Super Fast Spell Cooldowns, Unlimited Potion Use Bug and Cheat, MAX Gold cheat, Add Ability Points Cheats and others resources. You can now download the cheat from any of the links below. This NEW Dragon Age Inquisition Trainer +20 by GameHostia does not crash the game and is really simple to use.

Download: http://gamehostia.com/dragon-age-inquisition-pc-cheats-game-trainers

Dragon Age Inquisition Trainer and Cheat features:

  • Add Inquisition/Power Points PC Game Cheat
  • Unlimited Party Health PC Game Cheat
  • Unlimited Party Power PC Game Cheat
  • Fast Spell Cooldowns PC Game Cheat
  • Unlimited Potion Use PC Game Cheat
  • Mega Gold PC Game Cheat
  • Ability Points PC Game Cheat
  • Player XP PC Game Cheat
  • Mega Crafting Items PC Game Cheat
  • Super Gold Sale PC Game Cheat