Can someone explain to me equipment in this game

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What's the deal with this. I'm 22 hours into the game, i'm still using the same F*****ng items since 8 hours in. I can' craft nothing worth while. I've visited about 6 areas so far, hinderlands, mire, storm coast, western approach, hissing walyes, and skyhold.

I have yet to find a merchant that sells anything of value, I've done all the quests, side missions, explored all that is allowed to me and NOTHING

The only thing I haven't done is kill the dragons. I'm only lvl 15-17 so I dont think i'm ready.

Back in Dragon Age Origin, there were plenty of moments where you actually get items periodically. Killing dragons nets you cool stuff and gets you those dragons bones that let you make dragon armor. So far.. NOTHING

can someone explains where i can get some nice looking armor man. I'm still wearing this pink armor that sparkles more than Edward from twilight