User Rating: 7 | Dragon Age II X360
Not sure about this game even though it's from Bioware. There are the signature Bioware elements of the game from the character customisation right down to the way the story starts. It reminded me a bit of Mass Effect, as in the dark spawn are like the husks created by the Geth.

The graphics didn't seem as good as Mass Effect either. If you're looking for that ancient feel, Assassin's creed takes it hands down. The voice acting is good but the animation and silly load times spoil it, so it isn't smooth which is disappointing for such a new game.

The music wasn't that appealing either. It just didn't have that punch, at least not in the first few hours of the game and so as a result, it failed to capture any emotion from me.

Overall if you're crazy about RPGs, then you will like this but I couldn't find the patience to put up with the loading times and the terrible smoothness between conversations and playing.