User Rating: 3 | Dragon Age II PC
Complete letdown. I purchased DAO on the 360 and enjoyed it. After seeing the higher reviews for the PC version I decided to get DA2 for the PC. What a waste!! This game feels like a child's version of what a RPG should be. So much less of everything that was in previous Bio Ware games. I am not saying that I will never purchase another Bioware title....but I will now take a much closer look at it instead of buying it day 1 assuming it will be great. I hope that this is not the direction that all PC RPG'S are going....remedial console crossovers. If this game would have been marketed as an action RPG I would have been fine with the game. It was marketed as a sequel to what was a true RPG. It should be safe to assume that this would also be a true RPG. What a waste of the Bio Ware reputation.