A good game by itself, colorful and fast.

User Rating: 8 | Dragon Age II PC

Unlike the previous game in the series, this game has notable goods and bads.
But since BioWare wanted to make a very different game from the first and tried out new things to make this title more accessible for all sorts of gamers, the bads can be overlooked. And what we are left with is, a very enjoyable RPG with long hours of fast paced action to keep you hooked.
This game however, and notably so, only gives you the choice of 3 classes - warriors, mages and rogues - but only for the human race, and whichever gender you pick to play as, your name will be Hawke. Sounds Mass Effect for you ? Well it also has the circular dialog selector like Mass Effect, so fans of that series will feel at home. BioWare also declared this will be an action RPG, which will disappoint the hardcore Dragon Age fans because it spins away almost the entirety of the tactical style gameplay, and you can simply queue attacks on the go and watch the fun enfold without pausing all the time. You will realize, that makes the game a lot easier too. You will not die as much as you would expect from a Dragon Age sequel. The combat is fast, well animated and colorful. All the attacks have smooth animations and effects are well made to make every battle enjoyable.
The story is simple and meandering. It expects you to keep an eye on your journal all the time to remember what all you did on the way to a certain quest, because there is no ulterior ambition to the main story as there was the Blight in the previous game. But the presence of wonderful characters, interesting party members make the story well packed with events to keep you playing.
The side and optional quests are significantly more in number, but even still doing everything with finish the game within 58-60 hours, notably shorter than its predecessor.
The inventory system is also needlessly simplified, and you can now only equip armor on the main character. Weapons and accessories are open for all the characters.
Inspite of being way too liner in narrative the moral ambiguity in the story makes it good. You are forced to make a lot of choices in the game, and each actually have a noticeable effect on the outcomes of the event.
So play this game not expecting it to live up to the expectations of a Dragon Age sequel, but a fun adventure in the city of Kirkwall where you must rise through the ranks from an outsider, to a champion.