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User Rating: 3.5 | Dracula: The Resurrection PS
I came across this title at a local yard sale and decided to give it a try. Having fond memories of my days spent with the ps1 and enjoying adventure games in general I thought it would be fun. The pc version may be a passable adventure title but due to the limitations of the Playstation this one just doesn't work. Every time you move it has to load, everytime you talk to a person it has to load, every time you pick up an object it has to load. What I am getting at is that it is a very tedious time consuming game. You move forward a step, look around, decide if the is anything you can do anything anywhere on the screen, and then move forward another step and repeat. Stop go, stop go, it's just not fluid enough and breaks the flow of the game, it reminded me somewhat of Myst but was done better there. Speaking with characters is another problem area, first you have to click on them, which brings them into a full screen view, then you click on them again and the animation kicks in, once it does you are presented with another weak aspect of the game, it's cinematic work. The character voice work presented is ok, but as terrible as it is, it's great compared to the goofy looking animations of the people you interact with, which are way over exaggerated. Then to top it all off, Dracula, who is the title character, only makes a few very brief appearances in the game at all. All together this is one of the slowest moving dull adventure games I have ever come across. I see now why it was up for sale at the yard sale rather than safely tucked away in someones vault of classics.