This game seems stupid on the surface but once you pick it up its fun and addicting!

User Rating: 8.5 | Dr. Mario NES
The first aspect of this game I would like to talk about is the gameplay. There really isn't much to it you are given a pill with two colors and you have to stack 4 colors to make them disappear.
There are 20 levels and they get harder and harder so that just shows that even if your a beginner or an expert you will always have a challenge.
Believe it or not this game does have a multiplayer like most nes games do, and it is very fun! the multiplayer is very similar to the tetris multiplayer.
Some people say their favorite part about Dr.Mario is the soundtrack and I am not too far from there opinion. there is only three songs in the whole game but they are all masterpieces!

The last thing I would like to add is that I did not give this game a 10 because you really cant sit there for a long time playing it because it can get boring or frustrating after a while but overall if you have an nes YOU SHOULD GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!