Double Fine Happy Action Theater Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Find the Purple Tootfish Can of Worms
    Find the Disco Critters Disco Critters!
    Do the worm Early Bird
    High five a buddy High Five!
    Grow 200 flowers in Director Mode Horticulturist
    Submerge yourself in lava I know now why you cry
    Destroy 10 wizard platforms Master Wizard
    Destroy 10 or more objects at once Multi-Bomb!
    Beat the high score New High Score!
    Take down a Zeppelin Oh, the Humanity!
    Get 6 players playing at once Six Pack
    Have 6 pigeons perch on you Statuesque
    Manually select a stage hand The Decider
    Hit the camera with a snowball White Wash

    Contributed by: Guard Master