An arcade classic done right for the Sega Genesis.

User Rating: 8.5 | Double Dragon GEN
Double Dragon was an insanely popular beat 'em up back in the 80's. When I first played it, I had never played a game quite like it before and it totally floored me. Of course, when I heard news of it being made for the NES, I was ecstatic. However, as we all know, the NES version was sorely lacking compared to its arcade counterpart.

Now enter the Sega Genesis. Double Dragon eventually wound up on the Genesis, and it was in proper fighting form. Technos tried to stay as close to its arcade roots and still deliver and outstanding performance on the Genesis. Well, I can assure you they did an excellent job. This is one of my most prized Genesis games in my collection.

For the most part, this arcade translation is spot on, minus some graphical flairs. But it far surpasses the old NES version in every way imaginable. To be honest, I really don't know why the developers of the NES version didn't make an arcade port only with toned down NES graphics. Instead, they offered a mediocre game where you had to "earn" your special moves and whatnot. A big letdown.

Now, in today's world, there are superior versions of Double Dragon floating around, such as the Xbox Live Arcade version, as well as the updated Game Boy version too. But I figured it was worth giving props to probably the first version of Double Dragon done RIGHT on a home console. And that is Double Dragon for the Sega Genesis by Technos.

If you own a Sega Genesis still, do yourself a favor and pick up this game at your local used game shop if it is available.