Double Dragon, Double Agony!

User Rating: 4 | Double Dragon X360
I have always been a fan of the Double Dragon series, I've played all the NES, Neo Geo, Genesis and SNES versions of Double Dragon(I have even seen the terrible movie), so I expected a lot from this arcade remake of Double Dragon, man was I disappointed!

When you first start this game everything looks very good with the new artwork and graphical design, especially if you have a HD TV . The characters look nice in the new style and so do the backgrounds.

After admiring the new graphical style I started playing this awful piece of cr*p. The controls are a real pain in the butt. The NES and Genesis version of this game had much better controls than this abomination and that is precisely the biggest problem of this game. With bad controls the game gets very frustrating and you'll end up screaming and cursing in a matter of moments. Even playing this game with a friend in the coop-mode doesn't make it fun, it's extra frustrating because you can hit your friend as well.

The only positive thing about this game is actually the music, Double Dragon always had great music and they have made a remake of the songs as well, which is actually pretty good.

It normally wouldn't take very long to complete this piece of sh*t, because it only has 4 levels and even the achievements are not worth your time and effort. I can't even remember what this dogsp*ss cost me but I can assure you that it will costs you more than that(2 controllers and some friends).

Bottomline is that they put too much effort in the new graphical style and practically nothing in the gameplay. Now let's hope they don't scr*w up Double Dragon 2 if it should ever come to Xbox Live Arcade.