What I liked the best about this great game!

User Rating: 10 | Double Dragon NES

Before the name of "Double Dragon" got DRAGGED through the mud, thanks to an AWFUL movie adaptation in 1994, "Double Dragon" was one of the greatest fighting games available on the market (before "Street Fighter II" and its imitators came out.) Although the NES version lacks the simultaneous 2-player co-op of the arcade version, it makes up for it by including a brand-new 2 on 2 fighting mode, where each player could pick a character from the game, and use them to fight against each other. Although not as sophisticated or diverse as the later "SFII" games would be, this game definitely laid down a foundation for the "SFII" games to build upon. A graphically perfect port from the Arcade Games, the NES version proved to be a very solid game experience for players to try. With different opponents to fight, weapons to use, and challenges to overcome, this game proved to be a BIG success for the NES. So much so, that four OFFICIAL sequels came out for Nintendo systems alone! Although the name of "Double Dragon" doesn't have the same impact that it used to (thanks to the awful 1994 movie AND the huge success of "Street Fighter II" type games), this game is STILL important as a vital stepping stone to later, greater fighting video games of the 1990's. And it's a satisfying game to beat, to! That's why I highly recommend this video game to fighting enthusiasts. :idea: Enough said! ;)