It's a really short and quite challenging game for the Game Boy.

User Rating: 6 | Double Dragon GB

On the 4th April, I bought Double Dragon for the Game Boy on the Nintendo E-Shop. The main plot is simple. Billy Lee's girlfriend Marian is kidnapped by a gang and it's up to him to save her. There is only 4 missions on this game, but it is tough to complete the levels, as they throw in some tough enemies like Abobo for example. I'm kinda underwhelmed that the game only has four levels, as it makes the game really short, but the challenge makes it longer, so it kind of a plus. There's not much to say about the game because of it's very short length.

Overall, it is a SUPER short game, but the challenge keeps it going for a bit longer so I think it's OK. However, if you don't like beat-em-ups or challenging games, you may wanna steer clear of this title.