best game... ever~!!!!!!

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you even play air guitar when you defeat a stage! omfg amazing! its actually slightly better than the original, if thats even possible. not the crappy NES remix either. check it out dudes, the OST mp3s for download, name your price! not quite as nostalgic as a mixed tape, but whatever...this is totally radical! favs include "training wheels" & "spin kick" mix tape mp3s. mr. jake kaufman is a genius. guarenteed to be better than half the crap on itunes! get it...NOW!!!! edit= some food for thought. after limping through normal difficulty solo, i noticed a few things 1. my guess is the problems they are having, translating the game to online bro op, deals with both players ability to switch mixed tapes on the fly. i know for a fact that i switch mixies alot, depending on the level/ types of enemies im currently fighting, therefore the synching of both players ability to do this is most likely leading to the issues. 2. it is possible to get even more mythril than you would normally get by defating the bosses. the sokutsetso (or whatever its called) ability "song steal" allows you to steal individual pieces of mythril, from the bosses during the battle. as of right now, my song steal is @ lvl 10, & i can steal 1 piece of mythril per boss battle, besides the lump sum of them attained through defating the bosses normally. i would assume that higher leveled up versions of song steal would allow for even more mythril than the above method, although as of right now i cannot confirm this. check it out!