Dota is back and better than ever.

User Rating: 10 | Dota 2 PC
Dota 2 has reached all my expectations and more. I honestly cannot think of any downside to the game. Characters are well built, the sound effects and soundtrack is amazing, the characters comments is the best of all the games of the same kind.
It's said Dota has a high learning curve which is true, many usually give up within the first 5 hours of game play due to the difficulty and usually turn to games like HON and LOL.
To all those Dota 1 players I am glad to say that everything is exactly the same item wise and character skills, this makes it easier to quickly get used to it. In the beginning you might find the game a bit confusing and accidentally keep clicking the old short-cuts for your ulti since Dota 2 adopted the Q W E R format, but once you get used to the new interface you will just feel the awesomeness that once let you get hooked to Dota.
Most of the Dota players started to play LOL waiting for the release of Dota 2 if you are one of those then it will take you a longer time to get used to last hits and the range of the characters but when you do, it will all be worth it, so don't give up. Plus the game is going to be Free 2 play what more do you need :).