As a former DOTA player, DOTA 2 has the taste of its predecessor but with much more community support

User Rating: 9.5 | Dota 2 PC
I remembered the day that i started playing DOTA.(i thing i chose Skeleton King) There was so much hero and item combination that are waiting to be discovered. Experiencing hero item combinations were pure fun. In order to win the game, coordination of players was necessary. Even small mistakes could change the balance.
After the success of DOTA, similar games erupted in the scene but none of them give the real pleasure of DOTA for me(even they were really successful). After playing DOTA 2 in recent weeks, i realized how much that i miss the original series. The fun and excitement still exist while the huge Steam community support offers extend the game play outside of the map. Item and hero guides,workshops, changing item visuals,live tournaments(spectator mode),tracking old games,game play statistics etc,