Great game! Challenging multiplayer! Very addictive! Why? Read my story...

User Rating: 10 | Dota 2 PC
Well, to start this review I want to tell you that I haven't play DOTA. Just know it from my friends, and not interested.
Last month, I see the advertisement of this game (DOTA 2 beta). Just curious, I take the survey, and given the game. My reaction?

This is really great game. Really, trust me on this. Especially you're an RPG/RTS player. Because this game is combining both strategy and tactics. Even in Beta, I really enjoyed this. I learn to play, had friends, and etc.

The cons is, that sometimes you failed to play the game because of other's failure to connect. Or the waiting time for a room is too damn high. But overall, with many heroes comes up, this will become more interesting.

Now that the beta is over, I'm really glad. And it suddenly becomes no. 1 in Gamespot. No surprise, this is really great game!