Please, be gentle to the noobs.

User Rating: 10 | Dota 2 PC
This is indeed the chess of the modern era. Just one map, lots of useful pieces that compliment each other in a very balanced manner. Just as the official gamespot review has suggested; this has the potential to take over your life, as it did with mine. I have been playing since the Defense of the Ancients custom map from Warcraft 3, and this stand-alone sequel is a welcome improvement in almost all aspects of the original MOBA. This makes me wonder though, whatever happened to Heroes of Newerth? Oh, and forget about that other more popular game in the states, LOL pales in comparison by heaps.

I guess I have to mention how difficult it is to get started with this game. As with chess, anyone cannot be a decent player on this game overnight. It takes practice, familiarity and a lot of motivation to rack-up enough experience before you get it right. And prepare to be dismantled by unnecessary and discouraging comments from your peers. And I am not only talking about pub games, this game can bring the monster out of your so-called friends when you commit the slightest mistakes from purchasing the most inefficient items for your character build to miscalculated decisions made in a fraction of a second. Your team can chew your head off when it comes to the smallest errors you make in the game. That is why this is somewhat of a reminder to the gamers out there who plays Dota2 or is considering on playing it; be more patient to the noobs. I have been playing for years now and I still have yet to learn, and I am constantly being mocked like I've only started on this game just yesterday. And I'm not that bad either. I feel pity for the ones who are just starting and trying to enjoy the game.

The community in Dota2 is not of the forgiving kind, noobs beware. That is what most discourages me of this game. People do not seem to know that treating your teammates like sh*t makes your team sh*t. Apparently, very few people are familiar with this concept of team work. Hopefully, more people will be encouraging and teaching and should constantly remind themselves that it is in fact just a game. Dota2 is very immersive and highly addictive, and will make you forget about the world around you once you hear the horn blown. Yet, it is still a game and should not have you make like a douche when things aren't going your way in-game. Be more encouraging, less doucheness.