The best MOBA !!!

User Rating: 10 | Dota 2 PC
The best MOBA...amazing graphics and amazing gameplay!!!No other game will give you this level of teamwork and intensity.

However it can be argued that this game requires people skills as you will be forced to deal with the other people on your team whether you want to or not. You will have to play smart and learn to ignore haters and naysayers in order to overcome the noteworthy learning curve.

The replayability is nigh endless as there are many characters constantly being introduced and many nuances and builds to learn for each one.

The art direction is spot on, the dialogue is witty and references pop culture from the turn of the century.

Some faults in this game include the glitches that cause you to lose your ability to attack, and a glitch that gives you abandonment even after winning.

Speaking of abandonment, you better have good internet or learn to control your rage because leaving in dota is not an option. You will get banned.That's how it should be.

The community is a mixed bag but will likely become more hostile as this game receives more press.

The game is part strategy and part skill. You will need good knowledge of the map but will also need good reflexes to make well coordinated plays with your teammates.

Don't give up on it. Play bots for awhile and then man up and go online. Accept that you will get flamed because the end payoff is much worth it.