Not fun anymore

User Rating: 1 | Dota 2 PC

If you loved dota maybe you will hate this "new version" as i did. Dota 2 is not dota but only a brand now. More than ten years after its first launch i would probably expect a game with new content. Unfortunately it doesnt happen here, Its the same mechanics, with better graphics and skins. But at the same time there are less heroes than dota and if you like the dota world you will be very sad. They have made generic sprites to all champions and at the same time this new artwork is bad. The map is boring with this new design. You wont play as arthas, thrall, grommash. You wont defend yggdrasil or the frozen throne. You want will fight along the scourge. The name Defense of the Ancients doesnt make sense to this new game with generic world and lore.

Valve could have done better. A better artwork, better lore. They could even think more before doing some changes wich jeopardized my game experience and i am sure the experience of other players. I have abbandoned dota 2 and i dont regret. Since beta i never felt like this game is the sucessor of dota. It resembles dota by mechanics, but you shouldnt expect more.