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Hello DotA 2 players! I am Zundmaster, and I am a recruiter for Team Orbit! Team Orbit is a Professional Gaming Community and Membership Organization. The eSport club is dedicated to being a resource for its members, partners, sponsors and other interested eSports organizations in order to improve the international gaming community and bringing eSports into the next level of professionalism. Were looking for skilled Teams and Players from all over the world. Most of our members are located in Europe, but were giving it our all to expand worldwide. We have members from Europe, North America and South East Asia at the moment. We currently have around 70 members in the DotA 2 Section. These consist of 13 Teams of which 8 are complete, the other 5 are still in the making. What do we have to offer? As mentioned in the introduction we are a Professional Gaming Community, if your team is skilled enough we can offer you a professional contract. For more information on that check the requirements for a DotA 2 contract here. Even if you arent that skilled yet, or dont have a Team, we still encourage you to join. We could help you find a Team, or even help you create your own. But we also have Events every Wednesday and Sunday at 19:30 CET (for now, we will organise more events at suitable times for other regions if they become a bit bigger) and we have Tournaments once/twice a month. Every first Sunday of the month we have a 1 V 1 Tournament and were working on organizing Team Vs Team Tournaments 2 weeks after every 1 V 1 Tournament. Besides that we also have an in-game Guild where you can invite people to play with you, or be invited Isn't the game more fun to play with people you know instead of randoms? What are we looking for? Were looking for skilled Teams that have the potential to make it to the Pro Scene. Players thatll actively participate in our events and really become part of our Community. Members that are willing to take on a higher position and responsibility within Team Orbit. What kind of positions are there still available? We have several positions available but ill summarize the most important ones, for more information check this sub-forum. Region Leader: You need to be skilled, have dedication for Team Orbit and have the right personality and attitude. This job is quite important so before I promote anyone I personally want to get to know you better. You will be responsible for: Making sure we have a constant stream of new applying members from your region. The members in your region to participate in our Events and that they're running smoothly. You will have to host a lobby for the weekly events and assign other people to make more lobbies if you've reached a certain amount of members. You will be making sure that the members are playing with each other, get the community feeling running and that Team Orbit isn't just a tag in front of their names. Assigning your own Co-Leader (if needed). Were still looking for Region Leaders for: South East Asia, Oceania, South America, China, Russia and Africa. (Application) Recruiters: Application Recruiter: You will work together with the current Application Recruiters to review all the Open Applications as soon as possible and to make sure we Accept and Deny the right people. You'll comment on replays telling the applicants what they did well and what could be improved, after that you'll give the final judgement for whether they will be accepted into Trial or denied (for now). This job also involves putting the accepted members on the list with all their info and putting them in the Trial Member Section of the list (you are responsible for this!)List of Members, you will also have to add them to the guild and send them the Welcome Message. Also Recruiting. Recruiter:Your main goal is to get as many good members to Apply for our Community. This will mostly be done by talking to members in-game and telling them about us, convincing them to join. Squad Leader: Squad Leaders are responsible for their squads. They create training sessions, strategies, arrange scrims, make weekly reports in their forum section, lead the squad in inhouses etc. If you need any help creating your Team or finding members for it you can always ask for help. How do you join? You apply by making an Application here: Follow the form, so go to this topic, copy it and then start a new topic in the Open Applications subforum. Most importantly; post replays that show how you play. Both teams have to be competent and you need to show that you have atleast basic knowledge of the DotA 2 mechanics and that you understand both atleast your own role and hero. For more information or If you're interested you can contact me or check our website: -Steam: -Skype: raregar1 -The Team Orbit Site: -The DotA 2 Section: (Please do not reply to this topic since I wont be checking it, add me or check our website )