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Do YOU want to be a part of this? The long awaited moment has arrived! We are holding our Dota 2 trials! After further discussions, we will then decide on the date and details of our trials! We are looking for competitive FEMALE Dota 2 gamer with a passion for the game and the competitive scene. If you are ever ready for new challenges and experiences, come on to contact us. Now, here is how we will select our future team member! There will be a few trials in our recruitment drive. For the trial, applicants will be separated into teams with our male/female current roster members for a few games. As stated in a previous post, we do expect commitment as we are a committed team after all: - continual striving for excellence in personal skills - someone with good inter-personal relations who can get along with the team - has a positive attitude - team games 3 times a week - one LAN session every week, preferably on weekends - representing the team in tourney (at least once times a month) Please register by sending us an email at with the following details! - Nickname and real name - Birth date - Personal Facebook link - Previous teams, competitive gaming experience etc. - Steam profile link - Current/future commitments (eg. school, work, part time job, not free on certain days etc.) - And anything else you'd like us to know about you! ^^ Note: For those who have previously sent us email, you need not email us again! We will contact you shortly!